Skylight Development Grants: Fall 2002

Project Leader Department or Program Project Title
Singh, S. Botany Investigator-centered research projects in undergraduate plant physiology lab. BIOL 351/352
Rosenberg, E. Botany Biology 240 Website & Technical Component
Wassell, P. Chemistry Hardware for WebCT Lecture Course Materials in Chem. 111/113
Subramanian, S. Chemistry Development of websites for CHEM 201, 202 and 211 labs.
Herring, F.G. Chemistry Creation of Electronic Presentation Materials Using Principles of Multimedia Design
Murphy, G. Computer Science A Collaborative Approach to Teaching Software Design
MacLean, K. Computer Science Design & Construction of Low-cost Force Feedback display for Physical Interface Design Education.
Doebeli, M. ISP ISP Web Site Project
Redfield, R. Science One The World Writ Small