Skylight Development Grants: Fall 2012

Principal Applicant Department / Program Project Title
Barnes, Elspeth EOAS Improving the educational impact of museum artifacts and accessibility of laboratory research through interactive technology.
Kalas, Pam ZOOL/Biology A Genetics Case Study:  Development of a learning tool that integrates concepts in classicalgenetics, molecular genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, physiology and evolution.
Knox, Kerry CHEM An interdisciplinary concept mappingmodule for graduate students in the Faculty of Science.
Leung, Fok-Shuen MATH Open online resources for first-year calculus.
Nunez, Jose Rodriguez CHEM Introduction to Analytical Techniques for Students Taking CHEM 211:  Analytical Chemistry.
Singh, Santokh BOTA New Ecophysiology research projects and Assessment methods for undergraduate students in BIOL 351 and BIOL 352 and BIOL 448.
Thachuk, Mark CHEM Chemistry Program Review and Revision:  Proposal for Program Evaluation.
Zeiler, Kathryn Biology Per Mentorship in a Cell Biology Laboratory Course (BIOL 340)