Skylight Development Grants Fall 2013

R. Algar CHEM Online Applets for Teaching and Learning Instrumental Analytical Chemistry  
G. Bussiere CHEM Improved Safety Orientation for 2nd and 4th Year CHEM Labs  
J. Love CHEM Flipping a 4th year classroom: modern teaching techniques for organic synthesis  
J. Maxwell CHEM Development of an analytical chemistry concept inventory to assess learning gains in CHEM 211 and 311  
L.  Keshet/E. Cytrynbaum MATH Modernizing the Life-Science Calculus Experience at UBC (Math 102/103)  
G. Perona-Wright MICB A student-authored textbook for MICB 202  
G. Rieger PHYS Student Attitudes in Two Large First-Year Physics Labs  
K. Nomme ZOOL Development of Learning Activities and Teaching Materials Aligning with the Results Analysis Concept Inventory (RACI) - A Pilot Project.