Skylight Development Grants: Spring 2004

Project Leader

Department or Program

Project Title

Bates, F.E.L.


Web-based Materials for the First-Year Physics Laboratories

Comisarow, M.


Comparing Multimedia Projections with Overheads in Chemistry Teaching

Crawford, T.


Digital Microphotography and Image Analysis for BIOL 350

Dryden, N. & Louis-Martinez, D.

Science One

Experiments and Workshops for Mechanics and Cell Biology

Gates, D.


Development of Demonstration, Visual and Web-based Materials for CHEM 202 Lectures

Klenz, J.


Video and Animated Teaching Resources for BIOL 210 and BIOL 337

Nagata, W.

Coordinated Science Program

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Coordinated Science Program

Nussbaum, S.


Experimental Design Tutorials for CHEM 121/123 Laboratories

Singh, S.


New Field-based Research Projects in BIOL 351 and BIOL 352 to Study the Physiological Status of Trees and Shrubs Growing Around the Bioscience Building

Tsiknis, G.

Computer Science

Updating Labs and Lecture Demos in CPSC 211

Vuong, S.
Computer Science
Software for Interactive Learning Via Wireless Networks