Skylight Development Grants: Spring 2011

Liane Chen (Botany & Zoology)
A survey of student skills and attitudes towards experimental research in BIOL 340 and BIOL 341.
Jonathan Nakane (Physics & Astronomy)
"The Fabratory" - Access to Prototyping resources and development for Engineering Physics/Physics & Astronomy.
Shona Ellis (Botany) 
Sharing Bryophytes: updating the Biology 321 Public Website.
Chris Addison (Chemistry) 
Developing and Implementing a concept question inventory for CHEM 123.
Guillaume Bussiere (Chemistry) 
TA guidelines for Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Sophia Nussbaum (Chemistry)
Electrochemistry Tutorial
J.K. Russell (EOS) 
3D Laser Scanner: Complex Shape Analysis in Earth Sciences
Santokh Singh (Botany) 
Development of website and directory for Biology and Life Science undergraduate research students taking BIOL 448 and BIOL 449 courses.