Skylight Development Grants: Spring 2013

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Jennifer Bryan STAT Toolkit for the management and delivery of data analytic course material.
Guillaume Bussiere CHEM Online Safety Orientation for Chemistry Laboratories.
Jose Rodriguez Nunez CHEM Developing Introductory Analytical Instrumentation Labs.
Jackie Stewart CHEM Implementation of prerequisite learning modules and online error-correction problem solving practice.
James Scoates EOAS The Mineralogy Experience:  Integration of New Analytical Tools and Activities into Undergraduate Mineralogy Labs.
Sunita Chowrira BOTA/ZOOL Online resource development in BIOL 201 (Introduction to Biochemistry)
Shona Ellis BOTA/ZOOL Biology Program Website - Phase 2
Pamela Kalas BOTA/ZOOL Development and upgrading of videos, animations and pen-casts, to support and enhance student learning in biology.
Tara Ivanochko EOAS Environmental Science Learning Portfolio