Skylight Development Grants Spring 2015

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Pam Kalas BOTA BIOL 140 Lab Manual Update and Streamlining
Trish Schulte BOTA/ZOOL First Year Curriculum Integration
Sunita Chowrira CHEM Chemistry online resource development for use in BIOL 112, BIOL 200 and BIOL 201
Mark Thachuk CHEM Evaluation of new soft skills courses in Chemistry
Jose Rodrigues Nunez CHEM Providing the Engineering Context for Student Learning in CHEM 154
Pierre Kennepohl CHEM Video Instructional Materials for CHEM 208/218 - a newly revamped inorganic chemistry stream
Robin Stoodley CHEM Improving teaching, learning and assessment of uncertainty analysis in 3rd year analytical chemistry laboratories
Robin Stoodley CHEM Revised assessment and pre-lab resources to improve 3rd year laboratory learning
Sophia Nussbaum CHEM Kinetics Tutorial
Vishakha Monga CHEM Smooth transition to an integrated second-year synthesis laboratory source
Doug Oldenburg EOAS Development of online interactive resources for undergraduate geophysics at UBC