iClicker Classic

iClickers are wireless handheld devices that are widely used at UBC. They are its primary classroom response system, and they are fully integrated with Canvas. Students are able to respond to multiple-choice questions and/or polls presented in the classroom using their clickers.

Some key uses are:

  • Multiple choice questions to engage students in active learning and discussions
  • Polling/voting that provides students with an opportunity to engage with the course (e.g., voting on homework due dates)
  • Short, in-class quizzes to test students’ comprehension of the course material
  • Attendance tracking


Creating a student registration link in Canvas
  1. In the course menu, click on Settings.
  2. Click on Navigation.
  3. Drag iClicker Registration from the hidden items at the bottom section of the page to the top section (if not already there).
  4. Click Save.

The iClicker registration link will now appear on your course’s navigation menu, from which students can register their iClicker by entering the serial number on the back of the device.

Downloading the software
  1. Visit the LT Hub’s software distribution site and sign in with your CWL.
  2. Select iClicker Classic from the Teaching & Learning tab.
  3. Select your operating system (Windows or Mac).
  4. Click Add to Cart, then Check Out.
  5. Follow the prompts until you reach an order summary screen with a download link.
  6. Download and extract the zip file. The iClicker software is immediately ready to use.

Creating and linking a course
  1. Open the iClicker software on your machine.
  2. Click +Create.
  3. Enter the course name and click Create.
  4. Select the course and click Settings.
  5. Select the Gradebook tab.
  6. Enter the institution (University of British Columbia-Vancouver).
  7. Click Select Course.
  8. Sign into CWL and select the course you wish to link to iClicker.
  9. Click Save; the course will be linked.

Registering an instructor remote

The instructor remote lets you control your classroom slideshows and polls (start/end or show results) remotely. To register your instructor remote, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the iClicker software on your machine.
  2. Select your course and click on Settings.
  3. Under the General tab, enter the Remote ID and click on Save.

Setting up the classroom

In order to run iClicker, your classroom needs to be equipped with an iClicker receiver base station. This is used to receive and process student votes. A list of rooms in which a base has already been installed can be found at this link. If your classroom isn't on this list, please fill out this request form. If a base cannot be installed in the classroom, the LT Hub can loan you a portable base to use. 

NOTE: Check neighboring frequency codes to avoid receiving unwanted responses by referring to the iClicker room frequencies document.

Running a session
  1. To run an iClicker session for your students, you must connect the iClicker base to your computer via a USB cable. The LCD screen on the receiver will light up.
  2. Open the iClicker software on your machine.
  3. Select your course and click on Settings.
  4. Under the General tab, enter the Remote ID and select the classroom’s Frequency Code
  5. To choose how many points each clicker session is worth, select the Scoring tab and edit the scoring options. 
  6. After you have configured your iClicker settings, click Save and then click Start New Session.
  7. A floating toolbar, as shown below, will pop up in the top-left corner of the screen. Click on the Multiple Choice button to start/stop the questions.
  8. Click on the bar graph icon to show the bar graph of the students' responses.
  9. To show and mark the correct answer after a question, click on the correct answer on the display graph.
  10. To end a session, click the x button on the toolbar. The results of the session will be saved in iClicker’s Gradebook.
Last updated on: September 2, 2020

Learning technology support

If you have any questions or if you would like to report an issue regarding a learning technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us at LT.support@science.ubc.ca. For in-person support, please join our LTRs at one of our drop-in sessions.