UBC Wiki

UBC Wiki is a shared online resource for use by faculty, staff, and students at UBC. UBC Wiki uses the open source platform, MediaWiki, which also powers Wikipedia. The information, links, and resources that UBC Wiki contains are created, annotated, and expanded by its users.

UBC Wiki is a great tool for encouraging collaboration, as it relies on open editing and discussion page features for sharing knowledge. It also supports the development of communication skills by providing opportunities to write and publish work for a public audience.

Instructors can use UBC Wiki to deliver course content, create project pages, and even provide a space for students to receive help and access resources. Wiki content can also be embedded onto UBC Blogs and UBC CMS sites to easily share pages and information through other platforms.


Faculty, staff, and students are all able to contribute to UBC Wiki by logging in using their CWL. You will have access to create new pages as well as edit and contribute to existing ones.

For detailed information on getting started, including how to edit a page, add images to a page, or make a page private, please visit UBC Wiki’s FAQs page.

To create a page in the Main, Course, Documentation, or Sandbox space, please visit UBC Wiki:Create a New Page.

How UBC Wiki is organized

Pages are grouped into different spaces to accommodate different needs.


UBC Wiki’s Main Space is reserved for articles related to UBC. It is primarily an open community area for sharing knowledge on all aspects of UBC.


The Course space is used for course-based content and activities.


The Documentation space is used for documentation, support guides, technical manuals, and other similar content.


The Sandbox space is for you to create your own work and projects, to collaborate, and to experiment with the Wiki.

Tools you can use with UBC Wiki

Content from YouTube, Kaltura, and Vimeo can be embedded in UBC Wiki pages. Please visit UBC Wiki’s Adding Media/Video page for information on adding videos to your Wiki page. Click here for instructions on embedding Kaltura videos and click here for instructions on embedding Vimeo videos.

Learning technology support

If you have any questions or if you would like to report an issue regarding a learning technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us at LT.support@science.ubc.ca. For in-person support, please join our LTRs at one of our drop-in sessions.