Science Education Initiative Resources

Initiatives at UBC and beyond have generated a wealth of teaching and learning resources for educators and students.

Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative

The Science Education Initiative Handbook

A handbook written by Warren Code (Skylight) and Stephanie Chasteen that provides practical wisdom on how to implement education change initiatives.

Instructor Guidance

Documents developed to help instructors apply pedagogically-effective techniques and technology, such as clickers.

Student Guidance

Documents developed to provide practical advice for learning more in university courses.


Resources to help instructors use clickers (personal response systems) effectively in a classroom.

Learning Goals

Documents on the value of learning goals, how to develop them, and examples of good learning goals.


Lists workshops on teaching and assessment provided by the CWSEI with slides and supporting materials.


Includes research papers on how people learn and various aspects of teaching, learning, and assessment in science, often at the discipline-specific level.

Other Resources

Includes course transformation guidance documents, a list of highly recommended books available for loan, materials for Teaching Assistant Training, various lectures on science education, articles by Carl Wieman, and other web resources.