Skylight Development Grants Spring 2014

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Sunita Chowrira BOTA Chemistry online resource development for use in BIOL 112, BIOL 200, and BIOL 201
Shona Ellis BOTA/ZOOL Illustrations and Images for Lab Manual Upgrades and Online Activities for Biology Courses
Chris Addison CHEM Developing a "Molecular Sandbox" for Introductory Chemistry
Gregory Dake CHEM Chemistry 341: Poster Presentations as Summative Assessments
Jay Wickenden CHEM Online Video Resources for Organic Chemistry Laboratories
Jose Rodriguez Nunez CHEM From Cookbook to High-Order Decision Making:  Transforming Second Year Analytical Chemistry Laboratories
Vishakha Monga CHEM Designing new assessment tools for teaching Inorganic Chemistry to Chemical Engineers
James Scoates EOAS Searchable Relational Database for Microscopy: Making Reflected Light Mineral Identification Visible
James Charbonneau PHAS Developing an Interdisciplinary Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (InterCLASS)