Supplemental Canvas FAQs

Canvas has been selected as UBC's new learning technology environment (LTE), which will eventually replace Connect (Blackboard). On this page, we share answers to some of the frequently asked questions the Learning Technology Hub has received.


The questions below are a supplement to the Learning Technology Hub's Frequently Asked Questions, found here:


How do I access Canvas?

Please visit and log in with your CWL. In general, you must log into before you can enrol in any course. This also applies to TAs. If you have not already done so, please log into now and request your TA(s) to do the same.


How do I add a TA to my course on Canvas?

A TA with assigned teaching duties in the SISC as per TASM, an employee number associated with his or her CWL (see here), and an active or future appointment in the HR system(s) will be automatically added into the corresponding Canvas course(s) which are linked to the Student Information System. Please consult with your departmental Learning Technology support, if applicable, or email us at for more information.


How do I import content from Connect into Canvas?

Contact as soon as possible and let us know which materials you would like transferred so we can assist you in transferring them from Connect to Canvas.


What happens with my previous course content from Connect?

Skylight LT and LT Hub are working on archiving solutions. No content will be lost.


What if I need an integration that appears unavailable?

See the Canvas integration page for a status of integrations. Contact us right away at with the integrations you need. We will inform you if they are ready to integrate and provide additional information.


How do I notify all my students on Canvas?

There is an Announcements tab on Canvas which can be used to notify all your students in a course who have Notifications enabled. To ensure that all students receive an email notification we recommend using the FSC.


Why is uploading a .csv file with grades failing?

Please ensure that the format of the file is .csv and remove any non-alphanumeric characters, including accented characters and special characters, from your list of student names. Non-alphanumeric characters may cause errors when uploading a .csv.


How do I hide unused pages from the course menu?

To hide unused pages from a course menu select Settings and select Navigation on the top of the page. Next drag any items you want hidden to the bottom of the page.


How can I regrade a published quiz?

You can use ‘quiz regrade’ to edit existing quiz questions and recalculate student grades. Note: quiz regrade does not work with all quiz question types and only applies to students who have already taken the quiz. To learn more about quiz regrade options and restrictions visit:


How do I enter grades by student number?

The problem of student numbers not appearing in the Gradebook is expected to be resolved by summer 2018. Until then the recommended workaround is to download the grades from Canvas, enter the grades into a spreadsheet by student number, and then upload the grades into Canvas. An alternative workaround is to enter the Student Numbers in the Notes field of the Gradebook and then enter the grades in Canvas.


How do I change my name in Canvas?

Instructors and staff should contact their Departmental Directory Administrator. Students should contact their Enrolment Services Professional to update their names in the SISC.


How do I create an Assignment that students cannot submit late?

To prohibit students from submitting an Assignment after the Due time, under Availability set the Until time for at least 5 minutes after the Due time.


How do I create Assignment columns for non-submission Assignments in the Gradebook?

In Canvas, grade columns in the Gradebook are created by adding an Assignment. If you need a column in the Gradebook for manual grading you can create a No Submission Assignment. To learn more about this process visit:


How do I set a Module to be accessible at a later date and time?

  1. From your course’s Canvas page select Modules.
  2. From the Settings gear drop-down menu select Edit.
  3. Check the “Lock until” option.
  4. Press the calendar icon.
  5. Enter the desired date and time for the Module to be accessible.
  6. Select “Update Module.”

Please note: if a Module is unpublished when it becomes unlocked, it will be inaccessible to students.


Why do I see the same course twice?

The current process of connecting Canvas with the Student Information System sometimes results in two sections of the same course. Until this problem is resolved please disregard the section with the longer title or contact to be removed from the duplicate instance.


Where do I get Canvas support?

Within Canvas there is a Help button on the blue left sidebar. This button links to UBC and Canvas support options. For a Canvas Instructor Guide including a list of frequently asked questions and guides visit: For all Faculty of Science requests email