Learning Technology Rovers

Jan–Aug 2017

Dennis Sandy is an Applied Science co-op student studying Electrical Engineering. He is interested in both computer hardware and the development of nano-technology. His favorite part of the job is offering support to faculty members and he really enjoys the problem-solving aspect of the job.

Sep 2016–Apr 2017

Regina Chan is studying Applied Animal Biology at UBC. She is particularly interested in the animal welfare aspect and in sustainability/conservation. Regina enjoys problem-solving and helping others as an LTR to improve the use of learning technologies and make them more efficient. In her spare time, she likes to longboard, sing, and go on spontaneous outdoor adventures.

Harman Dayal is an Applied Science co-op student studying Electrical Engineering. He is particularly interested in the study of electric energy/power systems. His favourite part of the job is being able to help faculty members on a daily basis and that's something he strives to do every single day.

Pardeep Tumber is an Electrical Engineering student at UBC who is interested in renewable energy systems. His favourite part of the job is exploring new learning technologies. He has found the LTR position very rewarding because he is playing a role in improving the learning experience for his peers at UBC.

May–Dec 2016

Minnie Huang is currently a Science co-op student studying towards a BSc in Biology. She is a Faculty of Science LTR (Learning Technology Rover) who assists faculty members with learning technologies such as Connect, iClickers, WebWork, etc. She hopes to combine her technical knowledge with her passion for biology.

Jan–Aug 2016

Lisa Liang is a Science co-op student studying Physics and Math. She hopes to pursue a career as a science educator after completing her Bachelor of Science at UBC. Her favourite part of this job is being able to work behind-the-scenes on learning tools she has used in the past as a student and being able to work on collaborative projects with tech rovers from different faculties across campus.

Sep 2015–Apr 2016

Tina Deng is an Arts co-op student studying English Literature and International Relations. Her favourite part of the job is taking on different projects while collaborating with LTRs from across campus.

Dorothy Mung is a Civil Engineering co-op student. Her favourite part of the job is being able to work with professors and instructors across all departments to best implement learning tools. She also enjoys exploring and testing new learning tools that are not currently used at UBC.

May–Dec 2015

Yvonne Dixon is an Arts co-op student studying economics with a minor in commerce. Yvonne hopes to pursue a career in market research and analytics where she can apply her technical knowledge to explore new areas within economics.

Jan–Aug 2015

Cassia Drozdzik is an Arts co-op student currently studying towards a BA in Human Geography. She enjoys applying her passion for learning and teaching in this position, and looks forwards to attaining a Bachelor of Education and teaching certification in the near future. Her dream is to become an educator so that she might guide children in their exploration of the world, giving them the tools for insightful inquiry and healthy social-emotional development.

Sep 2014–Apr 2015

Angela Chen is a co-op student from the BCS (Bachelor’s of Computer Science) program. Her first degree was a BComm from UBC Sauder, specializing in Human Resource Management. She has professional experience in training and development in the non-profit sector and aspires to become a Project Manager.

Victor Chern is an Arts co-op student studying towards a BA in Computer Science. He hopes to combine his passion for writing with his technical knowledge and pursue a career in technical writing.

May–Dec 2014

Alan Chang is a Learning Technology Rover for Science who provides Tier 1, face-to-face support for faculty members in their offices, making referrals in appropriate cases. Alan assists Kalev Hunt, the Instructional Technologies Analyst, in supporting Connect use and other learning technologies such as iClickers, Wikis, and DIY videos or screencasts. Alan is currently a co-op student in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, studying Computer Engineering and focusing on software development and design.

May–Aug 2014

Jordan Karyanto is one of the new UBC Science Learning Technology Rovers; his primary job is to assist faculty members in their use of all kinds of learning technologies, such as Connect, wikis, Webwork, video-making, and more in their courses. Jordan has always been tech-savvy: he has a lot of computer experience and he is comfortable with technology in general. Besides what technological knowledge he can offer, he is also a very likable and enthusiastic person involved in many student and campus activities.