Skylight supports community-building and professional development by organizing science education events.

Online Teaching Series

Sessions related to online teaching and learning featuring primarily UBC Science speakers and sometimes guest speakers.

Since 2020, the Online Teaching Series has been held in the place of the long-running Science Education Supper Series, an interactive seminar for people across the Faculty of Science highlighting a local teaching and learning project which ran six evenings per year (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar).

Science Education     Open House

Returning in 2022! An annual spring showcase of teaching and learning projects across the Faculty of Science with talks, a poster session, and workshops.

Teaching & Learning in Science through the Lens of Indigeneity, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Launching March 2022, this invited speaker series features leaders in inclusive STEM education, addressing topics relating to their expertise in inclusive STEM education that are of interest to the UBC Science teaching and learning community.