Paired teaching for faculty

What do faculty members gain from the initiative?

The goal of Teaching Startup is to provide new faculty members and faculty who are new to active learning and evidence-based pedagogy, with an opportunity to teach a course that is already structured based on research on how people learn. There is evidence from the departmental initiatives that this type of early experience sets faculty members up well for their future teaching assignments at UBC (Stang et al., 2017; Holland et al., 2018; and Strubbe et al., 2019).

In this initiative, new faculty members teach a course with faculty members who have experience implementing evidence-based pedagogy. This opportunity is provided as part of Science’s new faculty startup package. Both faculty members in a pair receive full teaching credit for the course, and the Science Dean’s Office splits the cost of the additional teaching credit with the department.

  New faculty Experienced faculty
New ideas on how to teach students effectively, with understanding of the rationale behind the pedagogy  
Experience in designing and applying active learning activities  
Deliberate/targeted practice in research-based teaching techniques, with feedback  
Experience in mentoring a colleague in teaching  
Classroom data (COPUS, BERI, and/or student interviews) that may be included in teaching portfolios
Structured opportunities to reflect on teaching practices
Skylight support

What is expected of faculty members in the initiative?

Faculty members are asked to participate in a number of activities, including:

  • A pre-interview
  • An orientation session
  • Classroom observations with feedback
  • Weekly reflections
  • A debriefing session
  • A post-interview

  New faculty Experienced faculty
Actively observe and consider teaching methods  
Question the expert; engage in dialogue  
Participate in the design of and lead some course activities  
Accept and incorporate feedback into teaching  
Apply teaching techniques learned through paired teaching, both in the current class and in future teaching  
Explain teaching techniques they are using and the rationale for using them  
Engage in discussions about teaching, especially those directed by questions posed by new faculty  
Provide feedback to new faculty on their in-class teaching and the course activities they design  
Create opportunities to provide feedback  
Build your mentoring skills  
Participate in a scheduled meeting dedicated to paired teaching (30 minutes per week)
Fill in a brief reflection form weekly
Attend (at least roughly) every class period
Participate in a 30-minute interview before and after the semester, and 1 year after the course ends
Have classes observed by an SES, either occasionally or regularly
Divide teaching time generally evenly, alternating teaching through the term

Recommendations to participating faculty

Read a published article on recommendations for faculty success in paired teaching.

Application form

Download the annotated paired teaching application form