Skylight Development Grants Spring 2016

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Jay Wickenden CHEM Development of Student Operational Guidelines for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer
Jay Wickenden CHEM Inorganic Chemistry Tutorial Material for Use in an Intermediate Synthetic Teaching Laboratory
Anka Lekhi CHEM Improving Student Learning through Case-based Activities in CHEM 301
Elizabeth Gillis CHEM Development of a multi-week fully intergrated laboratory experiment
Jose Rodriguez Nunez CHEM Development of active learning pedagogies for a new Materials Chemistry course.
Kayli Johnson CHEM A multimodal learning analytics method to explore video-based learning in CHEM 123
Vishakha Monga CHEM Improving student learning in third year labs by adding concept based pre-laboratory exercises.
Maya Kopylova EOAS Improvements for EOSC 221 (Introductory Petrology) teaching 
Sara Harris EOAS Concept Inventory for Measuring Learning Gains in Undergraduate Mineralogy Courses
Kathryn Zeiler ZOOL Guided reflection based on the science writing heuristic (SWH) framework resulting in increased science literacy in a biology laboratory course