Skylight Development Grants Spring 2017

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Sarah Bean Sherman EOAS Enhancing learning of petrography across the curriculum
Celeste Leander BOTA / ZOOL Leveraging art towards three basic undergraduate skills
Tammy Rodela BOTA / ZOOL Developing new activities to enhance process-oriented student learning in BIOL 363
Elizabeth Gillis CHEM Fast-track evaluation of team-based worksheets and course materials
Jay Wickenden CHEM Computational chemistry activities for increased learning in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum skills for 21st century scientists
Meghan Allen CS Using appreciative inquiry to evaluate and improve a first-year computer science class
Lindsay Forestell PHAS Development of new labs and tools for first-year physics labs
Wesley Cheek PHAS A UBC outreach program: Astronomy in West Africa
Linda Strubbe PHAS Bringing Inquiry to the First-Year Astronomy Lab