Skylight Development Grants Spring 2022

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Chris Addison CHEM Building upon pandemic-induced changes to CHEM 121
Vishakha Monga CHEM Chemistry 154: Resource Development for More Effective Virtual Delivery
José Rodríguez Núñez CHEM Introduction to practical skills in daily laboratory work
Jessica Wong CS Developing an autograder in CPSC 103 for rapid feedback to help with grading fairness and workload
Laura Lukes EOAS Designing a virtual orientation for the Teck Geological Field Station to support student success
Anaïs Orsi EOAS Development of more inclusive multiple choice questions
Karen Smith MBIM/BIOL/CHEM/PHYS Enhancing equity across active-learning introductory science courses
Karen Smith Science Gateway Programs First Year Focus Seminar Course Development
Carl Michal PHAS Jupyter & Python in the first year physics labs