Skylight Development Grants Summer 2017

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Kai Chan IRES Explainer documents for ENVR 430
Sarah Bean Sherman EOAS Assessing the development of 3-­D spatial visualization skills of undergraduate students
Maya Kopylova EOAS Teaching optical minerology in the digital age
Jose Rodriguez Nunez CHEM Developing and refining active learning pedagogies for a 3rd year materials chemistry course
Elisa Baniassad CPSC Exploration of dominance and muting in student-led software development teams
James Charbonneau & Pam Kalas SCIE 001 Measuring learning in ComPAIR: Can comparisons help students understand meiosis?
Matias Salibian-Barrera STAT Transforming weekly quizzes into WebWork assignments for STAT 406
Liane Chen & Robin Young BOTA/ZOOL Development of course templates for Canvas to improve usability and seamless experience
Jennifer Klenz BOTA/ZOOL C.elegans life cycle regulation through temperature