Skylight Development Grants Summer 2018

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Sarah Bean Sherman EOAS Review and improvement of EOSC 329 groundwater hydrology labs for clarity and addition of active learning components
Sarah Bean Sherman EOAS Course transformation of EOSC 118
Amanda Giang IRES Integrating case-based learning about energy systems into ENVR 410
Kimberly Dill-McFarland MICB Experiential Data Science for Undergraduate Cross-Disciplinary Education (EDUCE)
Robin Stoodley CHEM Teaching with Alchemy in Chemistry: expanding and evaluating an active learning tool into more courses and new teaching and learning contexts
Kathleen Foote PHAS Impact of structured collaboration on student leraning in a mid-level physics course at a large research-intensive university
Cinda Heeren CS Course design and materials development for a second course in computing for Science majors
Meghan Allen CS Developing curriculum for CPSC 107
Andrew Rechnitzer MATH CLP text books - bug bounty