Skylight Development Grants Summer 2019

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Jaclyn Stewart CHEM How does stress influence students' update of feedback in organic chemistry?
Oluwakemi Ola CS A step towards personalized labs - using Alchemy to improve programming skills of students in an introductory computing course
Roland Stull EOAS ATSC 313 Renewable Energy Meteorology (Weather for Wind, Solar & Hydro Power)
Marcia Graves MICB Building Mentors: A workshop to foster best practices in mentoring undergraduates in the lab
Jared Stang & James Charbonneau PHAS Democratizing access to course content: Open Educational Resources in Phys 101
Erin Green Science Advising Curricular and pedagogical design of Start Off Strong event
Nolan Bett Science Gateway Developing a Coordinated Science Program workshop that promotes basic research skills
Bruce Dunham STATS Enhancing STAT 306
Robert Harris ZOOL Human Biology (Biol 153) teaching laboratory upgrades