Skylight Development Grants Summer 2022

Principal Applicant Department/Program Project Title
Irene Ballagh BOTA/ZOOL Building capacity for the inclusion of sex and gender diversity in UBC Biology courses
Rachel Germain BOTA/ZOOL Developing a local option for Biology 409 (Field Course in Ecology) for a more equitable field course
Celeste Leander BOTA/ZOOL How does ungrading affect quality of student work?
Karen Smith BOTA/ZOOL/MBIM Mastery Learning Modules in Cell Biology
Emma Davy CHEM Using Exam Wrappers in Second-year Analytical Chemistry: Enhancing Engagement with Summative Assessment
Norm Hutchinson CS Moving towards a mastery learning model in CPSC 316 (Internet Computing)
Peter Harrington MATH Evaluation and improvement of Math 10X
Ryan Bouma NSCI Neuroeducation Modules to Support Student Development