2017 Science Education Open House

Hosted by Skylight on Friday, April 7, 2017 in the Earth Sciences Building (ESB), 2207 Main Mall, UBC.

Morning Session (9:30am - 11:30am, ESB 1013)

Poster Session with Lunch (11:30am - 1:30pm, ESB Atrium, 1st Floor)

Title Authors Affiliations
Introductory Statistics Flexible Learning Project: Resource Suites to Further Enhance Student Learning Gaitri Yapa, Melissa Lee, Bruce Dunham Statistics
Study Habits of Students in Introductory & Intermediate Statistics Courses: Further Investigation Gaitri Yapa, Bruce Dunham, Melissa Lee Statistics
CPSC 100 (Computational Thinking) Presents: Choose Your Own Adventure! Rachel Pottinger, Jessica Wong Computer Science
Integrating web-based programming practice tools with pre-lecture screencasts to enable high-orders of reasoning within a flipped classroom Celina Berg Computer Science
Negotiation strategies to improve second language acquisition applied to a computer programming tutorial Austin Rothwell, Amy Zhu, Celina Berg Computer Science
Assessing the Impact of a Science Communications Course on Select Writing Parameters David Guan, Jackie Stewart, Elizabeth Gillis Chemistry, CWSEI
Investigation of Student Workload in CHEM 233 Jordan Yamamoto, Jane Maxwell, Jackie Stewart Chemistry, CWSEI
Impact of Exam Scheduling on Final Exam Grades within the Department of Chemistry at UBC Sharon Mui, Kevin Multani, Jackie Stewart, Greg Dake Statistics, Chemistry
Identifying at risk students in first term calculus Alain Prat, Costanza Piccolo Mathematics, CWSEI
Investigating the Study Habits of Math 101 Students Alain Prat Mathematics, CWSEI
Student experience in two introductory computer science courses Jessica Dawson, Alice Campbell, Meghan Allen Computer Science, Skylight, CWSEI
Insights from Using Appreciative Inquiry in a Course Evaluation Meghan Allen, Jessica Dawson, Steve Wolfman Computer Science, CWSEI
Fostering and assessing scientific reasoning in a large first-year course: half-way report Francis Jones, Lucy Porritt, Sara Harris Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
Reflections on Paired Teaching Tara Holland, Sarah Bean Sherman Earth Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, CWSEI
Development of a knowledge assessment for an introductory petrology course Emily Scribner, Sarah Bean Sherman Earth Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, CWSEI
Incorporating active learning in Astronomy 101 Linda Strubbe, Aaron Boley Physics & Astronomy, CWSEI
Identifying and fostering productive inquiry strategies in physics virtual labs Jonathan Massey-Allard, Sarah Perez, Joss Ives, Ido Roll Physics & Astronomy, CTLT
Engaging reflective thinking during an exam: Slowing students down on multiple choice questions increases performance Jared Stang, Joss Ives Physics & Astronomy, CWSEI
Examining Student Participation in Two-Phase Collaborative Exams through Video Analysis Joss Ives, Matias van Lier, Nutifafa Sumah, Jared Stang Physics & Astronomy, CWSEI
Relative Difficulty of Physics Test Questions Georg Rieger Physics & Astronomy, Vantage College
Using Example Answers to Support Student Problem Solving in Biology Miranda Meents, Robin Young, Lacey Samuels Botany
Providing timely feedback and encouraging student reflection on weekly homework assignments in a large enrolment biology class Tammy Rodela, Trish Schulte Zoology, CWSEI
The development and delivery of research project courses for first-year international Science students Meghan Allen, Brett Gilley, Anka Lekhi, Fok-Shuen Leung, Georg Rieger Vantage College and various science departments
ComPAIR: An innovative student peer assessment and feedback application James Charbonneau, Letitia Englund, Pan Luo, Tiffany Potter Physics & Astronomy, CTLT, English
Assessing Interdisciplinary Thinking Using a Card Sort Activity Chris Addison, James Charbonneau, Patrick Dubois Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Science One, Psychology
Writing Across the Curriculum+ Program: Supporting Communication in Science Shannon Obradovich, Jackie Stewart, Eric Jandciu, Meghan Aubé, Loren Gaudet, Thomas Deane, Grace Lee Writing Across the Curriculum, Chemistry, Skylight, Centre for Writing & Scholarly Communication

Workshops (Parallel sessions 1:30pm - 3:30pm)

  • Writing Across the Curriculum+ Workshop: Providing Effective Feedback on Writing Assignments in ESB 5104
  • Teaching As Research (TAR): Networking event for faculty with projects that would benefit from a CIRTL graduate student, and current and future CIRTL participants in ESB 1012