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Skylight: The Science Centre for Learning and Teaching
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The Skylight Team

Sara Harris
Associate Dean, Academic

Sara is responsible for the Faculty of Science's curriculum process; administering programs, including Science One, Coordinated Science Program, Integrated Science Program, Science 101; managing Skylight; administering the Science Killam Teaching Prizes and GTA Teaching Awards; facilitating First Nations initiatives; adjudicating academic appeals.

Gülnur Birol, MSc, PhD

Gülnur is responsible for providing strategic leadership and vision in planning and delivery of Faculty of Science-wide teaching and learning initiatives; and for managing the ongoing operations of Skylight to advance science and mathematics education through evidence-based practices and scholarship of teaching and learning.

Warren Code, MSc, PhD
Associate Director, Special Initiatives

Warren leads, advises and assists in planning, research/evaluation and management for a range of teaching and learning projects across the Faculty of Science, with a particular focus on the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative and related UBC initiatives. Warren is responsible for advising and professional development for department-based teaching and learning fellows, evaluating impact on students and faculty, and connecting (via correspondence and on-campus visits) with people from UBC and other institutions interested in the accomplishments in teaching and learning within the Faculty of Science.

Erika Borys
Administrative Support

Erika provides Skylight and its team with administrative support. She arranges and attends meetings, coordinates events, and responds to general enquiries. Erika also helps with drafting and editing a variety of documents, email announcements, surveys, and website content.

Alice Campbell, MA, MET
Science Education Specialist (SES)

Alice provides pedagogical support to faculty to enhance their teaching and learning practices in face-to-face, blended and online learning environments. She works collaboratively with faculty to design and implement evaluation tools to help inform pedagogical decisions, advises on instructional design best practices, and supports faculty in developing well-aligned teaching and classroom assessment materials.

Matt Coles, PhD
Science Education Specialist (SES)

Embedded in the Mathematics Department, Matt provides support for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty who wish to improve their teaching philosophy and practice. He is interested in understanding how mathematicians learn to teach and aspires to implement programs that impact the attitudes towards and uptake of evidenced based teaching. In particular, Matt runs professional development workshops, orchestrates peer reviews of teaching, and consults with faculty in charge of large multi-section courses to implement modern pedagogical techniques. [more]

Caitlin Donnelly, PhD
Instructional Designer and Program Administrator

Caitlin provides support to the UBC Introductory Statistics Flexible Learning project, and is also the course coordinator for SCIE 113. She works with faculty to assess and develop in-class activities, advises on instructional design, and provides project management support for the development of the UBC StatSpace website.

Noureddine Elouazizi, MSc, MPhil, PhD
Learning Technology Strategist and Skylight LT team lead

Noureddine is responsible for providing the strategic leadership to manage the learning technologies ecosystem at the Faculty of Science. He leads the Skylight-Learning Technology team (Skylight-LT) to provide Learning Technologies services, which include: (i) management of the LT-Ecosystem operations at the Faculty of Science, (ii) consulting faculty members and other stakeholders on the feasibility, integration, design and sustainability of LT-pedagogies and solutions, and (iii) collaborating and engaging with Science faculty in LT-mediated pedagogy’ s evaluation, innovation and research.

Kathleen (Katie) Foote, PhD
Science Education Specialist (SES)

Katie works with faculty in the Physics and Astronomy Department to encourage a more active approach to teaching. She will be working with the Undergraduate Chair to do a grand curriculum assay of the physics courses, how the content and skills connect and build between courses. Her expertise includes learning space design, using interactive methods in large first year courses, and the implementation of research-based instructional strategies beyond the development site.

Eric Jandciu, MSc, MJ
Strategist, Teaching & Learning Initiatives

Eric leads and supports teaching and learning projects within the Faculty of Science. Working with faculty, educational technologists and students he is involved with the design, implementation, revision and evaluation of new courses, such as Communicating Science (SCIE 300), Topics in Sustainability Science (SCIE 120) and Introduction to Sustainability (SCIE 220). Eric also frequently consults with faculty on implementing communication skills instruction into science courses and holds training workshops on this topic. [more]

Rachel Petrynko
Instructional Support Analyst

Rachel is the Instructional Support Analyst for UBC Skylight. Within the Faculty of Science, she provides support and guidance to faculty members and staff in their use of Connect, Canvas, WeBWorK, and various other learning technologies. Rachel oversees the Learning Technology Rovers and Canvas Technology Rovers, and is also interested in understanding how learning technologies can be used to expand educative dimensions, and ultimately facilitate and improve teaching and learning.

Ashley Welsh, MA, PhD
Faculty Liaison

As the Faculty Liaison, Ashley advises and supports faculty and graduate students with the development and evaluation of teaching and learning enhancement projects. She also contributes to curriculum and course development, professional development services, and the development of the Faculty-wide undergraduate student learning outcomes. Ashley is cross appointed between the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching (Skylight) and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) as a means to improve collaboration among these groups and to enrich the scholarship of teaching and learning occurring within the Faculty of Science.

UBC Science Learning Technology Rovers

Daniel Li

Daniel is an Electrical Engineering student in the Co-op Program. His interests include nano-technology, dance and front-end website development. Working with faculty members and staff in a supporting role is his favourite part of the job. In addition, he enjoys the collaborative work with his peers in the LTR role and hopes to employ his skills in LT projects.

Alan Zhang

Alan is an Arts co-op student studying Economics and Statistics. His favourite part of the job is being able to learn how to use new technologies. In his spare time, he likes to learn boxing, watch shows on Netflix, and play board games.

Sunny XuHui He

Sunny is an Applied Science co-op student studying Electrical Engineering. He is interested in computer hardware, nano-technology, and app development. His favourite part of the job is learning and supporting faculty and staff with learning technologies, and collaborating with fellow LTRs.

Previous UBC Science Learning Technology Rovers

UBC Canvas Technology Rovers

Priscilla Babunga

Priscilla is a UBC student specializing in economics. She previously worked as learning technology assistant with UBC Library and is excited to be part of the LTR/CTR team. Her favorite part of the job is working with her team to investigate and resolve canvas tickets. In her free time she enjoys reading books on controversial global economic issues such as foreign aid and staying up-to-date on global news via Aljazeera. 

Arslan Bhatti

Arslan is a third year Electrical Engineering student who is interested in helping faculty and staff by collaborating with his fellow peers. His favourite part about the job is supporting teachers in their transition from Connect to Canvas. He enjoys playing sports, video games, and occasionally reads once in a blue moon.

Past Skylight Team Members

  • Ian Cavers (Associate Dean, Academic and founding member of Skylight)
  • Kalev Hunt
  • Alena Proskuryakova
  • Gillian Gerhard (CTLT)
  • Mark Gammon (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Marina Milner-Bolotin (Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education)
  • France Gagnon
  • Andrea Han (CTLT)
  • Dilek Kayaalp
  • Djun Kim
  • Jack Lee
  • Cyprien Lomas (Assistant Dean, Learning Tech, Land and Food Systems)
  • Leah Macfadyen (Arts ISIT)
  • Vicky Mok
  • Joanne Nakonechny
  • Daryl Smith
  • Jackie Stewart (Chemistry)
  • Alex Tsonis (née Moxin)