iClicker Cloud


iClicker Cloud is a classroom response system that makes use of cloud technology. iClicker Cloud offers students greater accessibility as they can engage in the classroom using their mobile devices, laptops, and the iClicker remotes. Using iClicker Cloud, instructors can receive instant feedback from students and both students and teachers can gauge student learning during remote instruction.

Key Features

  • Cloud backup and storage
  • Access online gradebook
  • Greater variety of polling question types
Installing iClicker Cloud and creating an account
  1. On the iClicker Cloud download page, choose the appropriate file type for your computer and install the iClicker Cloud software.
  2. Launch the downloaded application and click Create Account in the login window.
  3. Enter “UBC” as your Primary Institution and choose University of British Columbia when it appears in the dropdown. Enter the rest of your information in the form and click Create.
    • The Instructor Remote ID field only applies to face-to-face classes, so it can be skipped if you are teaching remotely.

Students should refer to the iClicker Cloud Student Guide for set up instructions.

Creating a course in iClicker Cloud
  1. Sign in to iClicker Cloud and access your Course Dashboard. To add a new course, click on + New Course.
  2. Select the activities you will be using in your course.
  3. Fill in the rest of the form to create your course, you must include your course name, institution name (ensure that this says “University of British Columbia”), discipline, and course start and end date. The other information is optional.
    • It is best to include as much information as possible as it makes it easier for students to look for your course in the UBC listings.
  4. Click Create. Your new course should now appear in your course list.
Linking iClicker Cloud with Canvas

Setting up syncing between iClicker Cloud and Canvas requires linking the courses together and enabling the grade sync. This process must be done for each course you want to sync.

  1. Log in to your Canvas course and click Settings from the course navigation.
  2. Click on the Navigation tab.
  3. Find the iClicker Sync menu item, click the options menu (the 3 vertical dots), and choose Enable. Then Save your changes.
  4. Click iClicker Sync from the course navigation. This action will launch the iClicker Cloud web interface. Log in to your iClicker Cloud account, if prompted. (Note: If Canvas asks if you wish to authorize iClicker Cloud, click Authorize.)
  5. In the iClicker Cloud web interface, click Link Course. Select the iClicker course name, and click Next.
  6. Choose your section and click Save and Link Courses. The course is now linked and now you must enable grade syncing.
  7. To enable grade syncing, click Launch iClicker Cloud at the top right of the page. Click the course name you wish to sync and click Settings.
  8. Click the Integrations tab and click the Grade Sync Integration toggle to switch it to "on".
  9. Choose Canvas from the dropdown, select Enhanced Grade Sync from the syncing options, and click Next.
  10. Click Verify Your Integration Setup. This verification should confirm your Canvas course information. If you experience issues at this step, please contact LT.support@science.ubc.ca.
  11. There are two options for syncing iClicker Cloud scores to the Canvas gradebook:
    • Sync Total Score - Combine poll and quiz sessions into a single, aggregate score for each student, added as an "iClicker Grade" assignment in the Canvas gradebook.
    • Sync Individual Session Scores - Sync poll and quiz sessions as separate assignment scores for each student in the Canvas gradebook (each iClicker session will have its own column in the Gradebook).
    • Click Save to complete your grade syncing setup.
Using iClicker Cloud during a lecture

Planning Your Workflow

Other tools must be used in conjunction with iClicker Cloud to create and display the questions to your students. Instructors usually use powerpoint slides to display questions but iClicker Cloud is compatible with other applications as well.

iClicker Cloud will automatically take a snapshot of how you display your question during the lecture. The image will appear on your students’ device when they respond to the question. The image will also be available to you when reviewing the results.

You will typically have three applications open during a synchronous lecture:

  • The application for displaying your questions (e.g. PowerPoint).
  • A web-conferencing application to run your lecture (e.g. Zoom or Collaborate Ultra).
  • The iClicker Cloud application to collect student responses.

When you open the iClicker Cloud application on your desktop, a floating toolbar will appear where you can launch and control the activity pertaining to the question displayed to your students.

You can test the iClicker Cloud Workflow outside of a live lecture to familiarize yourself with using iClicker Cloud.

Starting a Session

Once you’ve created a course on iClicker Cloud, you can begin a session and use the activities available on iClicker Cloud.

  1. To begin a session, go to your course list on the iClicker Cloud application and hover over your course. Click on Start Class when it appears. Students will be able to join the session and a floating toolbar will appear at the top of your screen.

  2. Launch the live activities from the floating toolbar:
    • Polling - Once you're displaying a single question for students to answer, click the polling checkmark icon in the toolbar. Select the question type, then click the play icon to start collecting student responses and the stop icon to end.
    • Quizzing - Once you're displaying a collection of multiple-choice questions for students to answer, click the quizzing pencil icon in the toolbar. Set the number of questions you're asking, then click the play icon to start collecting student responses and the stop icon to end.
    • Attendance - At any time, click the attendees people icon in the toolbar to see a summary of who has joined the class.

  3. Click the X icon in the floating toolbar to end the class session.
Grading and syncing grades with Canvas

Grading with iClicker Cloud

You can set correct answers for a graded question during lecture by clicking on the results graph icon on the floating toolbar when you start a poll or quiz, or you can set correct responses afterwards through the iClicker Cloud web interface. Poll answers can be shown to students during lecture. Quiz answers are only available once the session ends. 

iClicker assigns a participation point by default to each question if you do not manually set correct responses. You can adjust the default scoring in the iClicker Cloud course settings.

After your activities and session is over, you can view the activity results of a session in your iClicker course in the iClicker Cloud instructor web interface and modify the grades if needed.

Follow instructions based on which type of activity you ran to:

Syncing Grades to Canvas

  1. In iClicker Cloud, click Gradebook in the sidebar navigation.
  2. Click Sync Grades above the gradebook table.
  3. Select the class sessions you would like to sync to Canvas, then click Sync. The synchronization may take a few minutes. Once completed, the grades will immediately be visible to students in Canvas.

Instructions adapted from the LT Hub Instructor Guide

Learning technology support

If you have any questions or if you would like to report an issue regarding a learning technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us at LT.support@science.ubc.ca. For in-person support, please join our LTRs at one of our drop-in sessions.