Skylight Development Grants: Spring 2003

Project Leader Department or Program Project Title
Ellis, S. Botany Integration of Slide Show Presentations into Course Website for BIOL 209 and BIOL 210
Ganders, F. Botany Equipment for Herbarium Experience in BIOL 324
Singh, S. Botany Research Projects in Undergraduate Plant Physiology Lab
Burlinson, N. Chemistry PRS Clicker System for Use in CHEM 205
Schafer, L. Chemistry Development of New Teaching Tools and Course Materials for CHEM 309
Tsiknis, G. Computer Science Problem-based Approach to Software Development
Belleville, P. Computer Science CPSC 121: An Experience in Integrating Discrete Mathematics and Computer Hardware
Carter, P. Computer Science CPSC 111: A New Approach to Teaching Introductory Object-oriented Programming
Marziali, A. Physics/Astronomy Aerial Robotics Club
Burnell, E. Science One Develop Science One Experiments Using Available Equipment