Skylight Development Grants

The Science Centre for Learning and Teaching Development Fund was created in 2002 to support learning and teaching projects across the Faculty of Science. Since their inception, grants totalling over $777,000 have been awarded to over 200 projects.

The 2022 Summer Skylight Development Grants competition is now closed. The deadline for proposals was June 16, 2022 at 12:00pm (noon).

Skylight Development Grants provide matching funds for projects that by their scale, scope and/or focus are unlikely to receive TLEF funding, but would provide significant benefit to undergraduate or graduate teaching and learning. Grant applications bridging projects to the next TLEF competition are also considered.

  • There is one competition this year in May, with up to $25,000 available.
  • Funding is limited to courses and specializations for which units in the Faculty of Science have the primary responsibility for delivery.
  • The maximum grant from Skylight per proposal is $5,000.
  • A matching funds commitment, of equal or greater value, from your home department or program is required. Matching funds may not be in-kind contributions.
  • In your project description, please explain the need and the potential impact and benefit to teaching and learning in the Faculty of Science and the number of students (and/or faculty) impacted. Please also indicate how you plan to evaluate the project, the timelines of the proposed work and how it will be sustained beyond the lifetime of the grant.
  • Skylight encourages student-initiated grant proposals. However, all proposals must be developed in consultation with a faculty or staff member from the Faculty of Science, who must be listed as the principal applicant or co-applicant.
  • Approval of the head or director of your home department or program is required.
  • Applications are evaluated by a small committee with members drawn from Skylight, the Dean’s Office, and SUS.
  • Successful applicants are asked to provide a one-page report on their project 12 months following receipt of the grant.

New this year

In addition to broad teaching and learning improvement proposals, we particularly welcome proposals focusing on:

  • Building capacity for inclusion in science and math teaching and learning contexts. For example, this may involve the development of resources or activities that actively engage with diversity.
  • Building capacity for instructors in working toward decolonization and Indigenization in courses and curricula. For example, this may involve strengthening and expanding Indigenous‐focused curricula in existing courses or programs, the development of additional initiatives to open new curricular areas, or professional development activities.

Applicants interested in either of these areas are encouraged to talk with Skylight prior to submission.

Budget information and instructions

  • Please provide as much detail as possible in the budget breakdown section.
  • The TLEF website has a useful list of current pay rates for common positions (see the Budget Considerations section at the bottom of the page).
  • If you plan to employ undergraduate or graduate students to work on your project, please consult the CUPE 2278 website for the list of current hourly pay rates for student employees.
  • Equipment requests may be funded if there is a pedagogical need clearly identified in the proposal and no other source of funding exists. A maximum Skylight contribution of $3,500 per competition can be used to fund equipment.
    • Equipment that can be funded: computer peripherals such as audio/video equipment, some lab equipment.
    • Equipment that cannot be funded: computers, printers, monitors, lab consumables (glassware, reagents, etc.), supplies.


For questions about the budget, or any other aspect of your Skylight Development Grant application, please don’t hesitate to contact Gülnur Birol at For general inquiries, contact us at

Successful Applications from Past Competitions

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